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Sam has been raised  into  the  slave hunting profession by his ruthless uncle, but on his latest excursion to the Gold Coast, on the Gulf of Guinea, he  encounters  Princess Obrenpongba, the beautiful daughter of  an  Ashanti king, and his heart is changed forever. Now married, Sam  must learn to move forward, despite his past, and  merge  cultures  with  his  new  bride.  As the Civil War in America starts to brew, Sam discovers that while he was hunting slaves, his sister, Cathy, was avidly fighting against their mistreatment.  Reunited on  the Gold Coast  after  his change of heart, Sam, Cathy, and Princess, and the Ashanti  natives share their tales and live as an example of racial unification during a time of separation.   

Set in Africa  during  the  Civil War, Touched  is the story of how one  man  turned  his life around and learned to see the value of human life  beyond  skin color. Touched reveals the truth behind the  slave trade on  the Gold Coast  and the  treatment  of those who chose to fight against it. Touched could not have come at a better time. Humankind  can  use  Nana  Bonsu's  insight  and wisdom. Nana Bonsu’s narrative intertwines the gruesome tales of slavery with uplifting accounts of love and heroism to create a story unlike any before.



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