About the Book

Your soul may not belong to you., Your body may be on a short term lease. One thing is for certain: For now, your mind is yours. Exercise the faculty of its powers.  What you are about to read may be actual events, beliefs or a fictitious tale. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But then again, a picture can also be deceptive.  This book tells about a young man that was torn between Christianity and the African belief. Will he succeed from the challenges and in the struggles overpowering him? “The men hooted in cheers and danced around the mound. After a complete revolution, they one after another, stabbed and inserted their dagger through Kojo’s abdomen. He neither moved nor lost a drop of blood. But three scars remained after the three men withdrew the daggers- evidence of what had transpired. A scar was to the left of the abdomen; a second was midway between the navel and the chest; and the third was to the right, aligned with the navel.”  Read with an open mind and then be the judge. Do relish the power.



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