To God belongs the glory, first and foremost.

Nana Akonaah Bonsu

Nana Akonaah Bonsu is a humble, quiet man that has gracefully relished God’s blessings.

A loving wife, Martha, of 34 years and counting; a son, Shawn; three daughters, Angel Akua, Ama Manu, and Afiah Boatemaa. Four grandchildren, also and counting: Samara, Shamar, Darnell, and Rahquel.

I do not take any credit for what I write because I am only the transcriber. Time and again I have stressed that I give God the glory for my wisdom.

May God extend His blessings to all that take the time to read the books I have written. Many more books are in the works, all coming from His Love that sustains me.



There are truths revealed in love, war, and slave trade.

Set in Africa during the Civil War, Touched is the story of how one man turned his life around and learned to see the value of human life beyond skin color. Touched reveals the truth behind the slave trade on the Gold Coast and the treatment of those who chose to fight against it. Touched could not have come at a better time. Humankind can use Nana’s insight and wisdom. Nana’s narrative intertwines the gruesome tales of slavery with uplifting accounts of love and heroism to create a story unlike any before.


A grandfather in school, a melting castle, and talking chickens!

Give a Darn incorporates childlike fancy and real-life lessons to teach against indifference. From the sweet story of a grandfather’s love for his grandson, to a rescue mission to save Santa from drowning due to artic melting caused from climate change, and, finally, a young boy’s quest to discover why chickens don’t fly, Nana Bonsu’s three short stories weave together perfectly, teaching how to care for the people and environment around you.


Claimed is the fictional story about Kojo, a young man from Ghana who moves to the United States to go to college. With supernatural forces looming over him, Kojo encounters many obstacles along his journey that tear him between the pull of modern Christianity and the familiar traditions of his African village. Written by Nana Bonsu, Claimed juxtaposes the two religious sectors through the many bold confrontations and experiences Kojo faces during his time as an African student in Southeastern America. Will Kojo be able to overcome the challenges and struggles still lingering over him from his past, or will he forever be dominated by these overshadowing supernatural forces?


Please share your thoughts and comments with the author at: Nana@BooksForThoughts.com


A simple man from Ghana, Books for Thoughts is home to the literary works of Nana Bonsu. A current resident of Chattanooga, TN., Bonsu dedicates and credits all the works featured here to God for inspiring them. May the works listed here be a blessing to you and give you cause to think more in-depth about the world and those around you.

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